We are currently serving the San Francisco Bay Area in the following:

Cabling Installation

Our experienced telecom technicians know how to make your cables operate at full capacity. Whether working with an existing cabling network or implementing a new network, we are able to identify and avoids static noise, cable attenuation and media interference like electromagnetic interference (EMI) and crosstalk that will slow down your bandwidth of cable media. We offer 1-year guarantee for our cabling work.

We provide the following cabling services:

  1. Local Area Network, Data or Network Cabling
    We provide data cabling installation for home and business. We use reliable, high-quality Cat 5e, 6, 7, Fiber Optic cables and media connectors on all of our installations. Networks include:
    • local area network (LAN)
    • home entertainment networks
    • wireless networks
    • optical fiber networks, etc.

  2. Telephone or Voice Cabling
    Reliable, high-quality Cat 3, 5 are used in telephone/voice cabling.
    • Voice cabling installation for PBX and multi-line telephone systems
    • VoIP telephone systems
    • Troubleshooting and repairing existing voice cabling system
    • Inside house wiring and repairing phone lines for home users. Our rates are more cost effective than the telephone company.  

  3. Audio, Video, Security, Intercom Cabling
    • Inside house wiring for satellite & cable TV
    • Multi-room Audio Systems
    • CCTV & Security Cameras
    • Troubleshooting current cables
    • Spliting your current video source into multiple locations.
  • Features:
    • Cables are thoroughly tested and verified after installation.
    • All voice and data jacks are clearly labeled for easy identification. Custom color schemes are available for the jacks.
    • Your new phone and data faceplates will match the existing electrical and/or telecommunications trim.
    • Data and server rack layout design and installation is included.
    • Cable plan is neat and readily expandable.


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